Terrorism has no religion!

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June 27, 2017
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August 2, 2017

Terrorism has no religion!

Rizza islam

Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.


There are over 1.900,000,000 across the planet. There are a little over 7 billion people on the planet. So slightly less than 1/3rd of the earth’s population are Muslim.

If ALL MUSLIMS were TERRORISTS do you HONESTLY BELIEVE that everone would stand a chance????

You say: “Islam teaches you to kill anyone who isn’t a Muslim.” Incorrect!

Question, if that WERE the truth, please tell me how so many Muslims are peaceful across this planet and have NEVER harmed another human being??

Are we planning a massive takeover of the world and then will “purge” the planet of everyone who is non-Muslim?

Are we simply “tolerating” the existence of all other religions and their followers to “Keep the peace”?

Are we entertaining ourselves and choose to allow the majority of the population to live until we become bored with others freedom of expressing their religious faith & belief in what they refer to as the “supreme being?”

OR, maybe, Just MAYBE we are actually GOOD PEOPLE striving to submit our will to do the will of the creator? Maybe we’re happy with others who choose to believe WHAT they believe?

Maybe we honestly do seek peace, freedom, justice and equality with no shades of grey or “Hidden agendas”.

There is a level of ignorance which many are forced into and some volunteer to bask in blissfully.

Try MEETING a Muslim for once. See how we live. Learn about what we believe. Get to KNOW us and our adherence to principals & culture.

You may be surprised to learn that “Terrorism” has never been properly placed. Islam has nothing to do with Terrorism. Neither does ISIS, AL QAEDA, 9/11 nor any of the other famously C.I.A manufactured groups & activities across this planet.

This government knows the truth and they admit it often If one reads between the lines…



Rizza Islam


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